Analog Magik Version 2 is Released. Version 2 is here at long last. Analog Magik Cartridge setup software. A Scientific & Repeatable Method To Calibrate: Speed, Wow & Flutter, Combined Azimuth & VTA, VTF, Anti-skating, Loading, Gain, Channel Balance, Zenith Errors, Vibrations & Resonance Frequencies.

AnalogMagik Version 2 is a Windows-based turntable cartridge calibration software designed by Richard H. Mak and a team of engineers.   It is a natural continuation of Version 1 which seeks to improve turntable cartridge setup accuracy.  It offers a scientific and repeatable method of calibrating every cartridge setup parameter, including:

  1. Turntable Speed

  2. Channel Balance

  3. Azimuth / Vertical Tracking Angle / Stylus Raking Angle using 1 test track

  4. Adjusting alignment to account for Zenith Angle imperfecitons

  5. Anti-Skating

  6. Optimizing Phono Stage Loading

  7. Optimizing Phono Stage Gain Setting

  8. Vertical Tracking Force

  9. Measuring Vibrations

  10. Determining Resonance Frequencies

  11. AES Wow & Flutter

After you have performed a basic alignment on your turntable’s cartridge using an appropriate alignment tractor, our software and Test LPs will attempt to optimize and fine-tune all the above setup parameters to achieve a more accurate analog cartridge setup.

Simply follow the onscreen instructions, and the program will guide you through all the test functions.  It will also tell you what “optimal” numbers to look for, and what cartridge adjustments you need to make to get there.

See the video here!

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