For years we championed only a couple of high-end cables as our reference standard. However, after some time, we found it didn’t allow us to address the varied tastes and environments of some of our clients. Our goal was to find high-end cables that allowed for alternatives without sacrificing our demand for the high-quality standards and performance we are known for.

Our clients wish to receive the maximum performance from their audio systems and their desires pushed us to seek alternatives. Not willing to sacrifice ultimate sound quality, we engaged in an exhaustive search for cables that would meet our demands for performance, build quality, and value.

Our search is never ending and we are proud to be able to demonstrate TIDAL Audio cables, Black Cat Cables, and Siltech Cables – each gives us the ability to tailor the sound of your system to suit your sonic preference. Each company offers a unique perspective on sound and has achieved notoriety in its own right. We feel our selections will continue to hold us in high regard with the critics and you, our customer.

We value the confidence you place in us and are sure you will agree that our high-end cables won’t disappoint.