CAF 2022 report from PTA – Doug White of The Voice That Is! was exhibiting entirely with products that are new for 2022. Firstly, the new TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller ($60,000 USD) and Piano G3 ($64,000 USD as shown) loudspeakers, which are the first in TIDAL’s speaker lineup to receive G3 status upgrades, but more on that later. Second, the all-new Brama series of electronics from Vinnie Rossi, who was in attendance for this special debut.

“This is the first time I’ve heard Tidal speakers with something other than Tidal electronics. The sound still had that magic Tidal quality of clear water, but this time the water was more Perrier than distilled. …  it was definitely on my very short list of great-sounding rooms at Capital Audiofest 2022. ~ Dave McNair”

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