Capital Audio Fest 2021 was held November 5th – 7th, 2021 in Rockville, Maryland and it was a better than expected turnout.

Featured products were from TIDAL Audio (Contriva, Prisma and Intra), Ideon Audio (Absolute Epsilon DAC, Stream and Time), Siltech (Classic 880 Series cables) and more. The sound was considered by many to be one of best, if not the best, at the show.

”Speaking of bigger rooms, my friend Doug White had his typical strong showing for The Voice That Is, presenting his usual all Tidal system with a new digital source he was especially excited to share with us, Ideon’s Absolute Epsilon DAC/Time Re-Clocker/Stream Server stack (worth taking a deeper look at!). The Contriva G2 20th Anniversary Edition speakers were dressed in a spectacular Custom Macassar Ebony finish (the only pair in the world with that finish I might add) and the whole system performed up to its typical mesmerizing performance. Doug also utilized CAD’s behind the scenes grounding system which has always intrigued me. I need to try that in my room when I get a chance!

Tidal combines micro detail and resolution with dynamic strength and a midrange presence that sets your soul aflame. I’ve heard his systems enough at shows to know they are the real deal and worthy of some serious time (and money) with Doug if you’re ready to buy your final system.”  – Dr. Matthew Clott – Enjoy the Music