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“The Aquilar is the shorter and more affordable variation of the Axiom, the first tone arm from Acoustical Systems, which was recognized by a number of awards, above all in the Far East and—as Dietrich Brakemeier notes, not without a touch of pride—has found its place as tonearm of choice on the top models by Verdier, Kronos, Kondo and Continuum. But Acoustical Systems also calls the ten-inch variation Aquilar “Reference Tonearm”—understandable if one looks at the apparent design efforts or has the hidden ones explained.

The externally simple looking tonearm wand consists, for example, of two concentric tubes made of titanium and carbon, which do not touch, but are braced against each other by the two end pieces. Thus, a rapid resonance transfer with maximum control of unwanted vibrations should be achieved. The delicate counterweight is manufactured on account of its high specific weight from a non-magnetic tungsten-nickel alloy which distinguishes itself through the attribute to virtually not allow itself to be stimulated into resonance.” from Positive Feedback.

All Reed 2G tonearms have a unique azimuth adjustment system, which allows implementing a tonearm with replaceable armwand. The replaceable arm wand feature allows you to change tonearm effective length and effective mass with no hassle. A high-quality LEMO connector is used to connect the arm wand and tonearm body.