Equi=Tech - Balanced Power - 5RQ


Anyone who believes that power quality isn't an important factor in recreating exciting, realistic, and accurate sound is seriously mistaken. If you haven't heard your sound system with a 5RQ powering it, you are missing something truly great. You might find yourself replaying all of your old music repeatedly; it's as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity, and remarkable bass definition.

Source components and amplifiers benefit equally the Model Q's power. It also brings out the best in high-definition audio/video components. The 5RQ is simply the most highly-refined, accurate, and effective power source on the planet. You owe it to yourself to see and hear why Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sony Records, JPL/NASA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and almost every professional A/V production company has chosen Model Q technology for its sensitive components.

The EquiTech 5RQ and 2RQ are our reference choices. They should be yours too!