Acoustical Systems Axiom tonearm

Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm

Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm is your 12" reference tonearm. Immediately audible outperforming all other tonearms, it offers many of the prime choice and expensive materials, as well as most of the unique technical key solutions, that make the AXIOM's performance easily heads above all competition.

It's a dynamically full balanced pivot tonearm which finally takes into account all geometrical aspects, as well as, all the various inherent forces. The design combines all solutions in a most consequent way therefore you get the very best performance possible for any given cartridge.

State-of-the-art materials, combined with high-tech production and finishing methods, are transformed into a fascinating analog component.

* the AXIOM is entirely designed, made and assembled in Germany

* every AXIOM is assembled, tested and calibrated by the designer

* all parts of the AXIOM - even the screws, the inner wiring and

it's customized aluminum transport case are made in Germany

* their AXIOM is a full dynamic balanced design

* it is a full lateral balanced design

* full radial/axial cardan shaft double gimbal bearing, using custom made to order German nano instrumental ball bearings of aerospace grade with the lowest move friction possible today.

* bearings are mounted in a certified laboratory under controlled clean-air room conditions and with the bearing-house preheated to ensure perfect contact closure fit of bearings after cool down.

* the mounting board, bearing houses, external and internal VTA tower and fixed headshell mounting are made from triple-tempered German AP70XX dural air frame grade aluminum and stress-relieved V2a stainless steel.

* mounting plate is hardened stainless steel.

* counterweight assembly is made from German HD18 Tungsten.

* arm wand is an unique composite of Titanium and Carbon with inner surface liquid dampening.

* internal wiring is pure silver litz w/soft teflon insulation (other options available on customer's wish and directive).

* AXIOM follows an all new geometrical design.

* is a 12" effective length design.

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The Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm is entirely designed, made and assembled in Germany.