Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm high end tonearm analog vinyl

Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm

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The Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm is your 12" reference tonearm. Immediately audible outperforming all other tonearms, it offers many of the prime choice and expensive materials—most of the unique technical critical solutions make the AXIOM's performance quickly head above all competition.

Their Axiom tonearm is a dynamically fully balanced pivot tonearm that finally considers all geometrical aspects and all inherent forces. The design combines all solutions in a most consequent way; therefore, you get the best performance possible for any cartridge you choose.

Axiom's state-of-the-art materials, combined with high-tech production and finishing methods, are transformed into a fascinating analog component.

* every AXIOM is assembled, tested, and calibrated by the designer

* all parts of the AXIOM - even the screws, the inner wiring, and its customized aluminum transport case are made in Germany.

* its customized aluminum transport case is made in Germany

* it is a complete, dynamic, balanced design

* a complete lateral balanced design is in the AXIOM.

"Over weeks of playing records with this arm, I learned that the AXIOM's sonic and mechanical performance puts it in the top tier of arms I've set up and listened to. As a piece of mechanical art, it has few competitors: It more closely resembles a fine Swiss watch than a tonearm." ~ Michael Fremer

"If you enjoy cartridge setup and getting everything perfectly dialed in, you'll enjoy owning and using the AXIOM. Its strongest sonic suits are a pleasing smoothness and timbral evenhandedness noticeable with the first stylus drop and every following one—especially in the middle frequencies—free of artificial bumps or dips, plus unerring spatial and imaging solidity, all of which results in a tonearm that's also capable of expressing the deepest bass cleanly and without excess while sailing up to the top octaves with the same ease and control. " ~ Michael Fremer

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Exceptionally high levels of execution mark all Acoustical Systems products; manufacturing and finish are of the highest order, with considerable thought being devoted to materials and design. The attention to detail shows in performance, where if there is a "company sound," it is of a natural, non-fatiguing, well-integrated, highly musical presentation, yet rich with the sort of musical detail that makes listening to great audio, such a memorable experience.

The Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm is entirely designed, made, and assembled in Germany.