Analog Magik Version 2

Analog Magik Version 2

Analog Magik Version 2 Cartridge setup software — A Scientific and Repeatable Method To Calibrate : Speed, Wow & Flutter, Combined Azimuth & VTA, VTF, Anti-skating, Loading, Gain, Channel Balance, Zenith Errors, Vibrations & Resonance Frequencies. Full versions, and upgrades from Version 1.0, are available.

AnalogMagik Version 2 is a Windows-based turntable cartridge calibration software designed by Richard H. Mak and a team of engineers.   It is a natural continuation of Version 1 which seeks to improve turntable cartridge setup accuracy.  It offers a scientific and repeatable method of calibrating every cartridge setup parameter, including:

  1. Turntable Speed

  2. Channel Balance

  3. Azimuth / Vertical Tracking Angle / Stylus Raking Angle using 1 test track

  4. Adjusting alignment to account for Zenith Angle imperfections

  5. Anti-Skating

  6. Optimizing Phono Stage Loading

  7. Optimizing Phono Stage Gain Setting

  8. Vertical Tracking Force

  9. Measuring Vibrations

  10. Determining Resonance Frequencies

  11. AES Wow & Flutter

After you have performed a basic alignment on your turntable's cartridge using an appropriate alignment tractor, our software and Test LPs will attempt to optimize and fine-tune all the above setup parameters to achieve a more accurate analog cartridge setup.

Do your analog rig justice and get Analog Magik Verison 2.

Everything you can want to know about Analog Magik Version 2 Cartridge setup software can be found here.