Acoustical Systems Archon cartridge


Acoustical Systems Smartractor

The Acoustical System Archon cartridge provides a sonic picture that is live-like and tantalizing in its openness, vital detail, and rich harmonic structure. A very natural, colorful sound - with an outstanding reproduction of human voices and the most realistic timbre. Opening a soundstage that is wide and recreating the excellent recording venue - with organic placement and wide inner dynamics.

The Archon is a very easy-to-mate-with partner for all modern tonearms and an easy match for phono stages. It is an individual numbered limited edition low-output moving coil cartridge assembled and fine-tuned by hand.

The Archon cartridge is designed in Bavaria / Germany.

Exceptionally high levels of execution mark all Acoustical Systems products; manufacturing and finish are of the highest order, with considerable thought being devoted to materials and design. The attention to detail shows in performance, where if there is a "company sound," it is of a natural, non-fatiguing, well-integrated, highly musical presentation, yet rich with the sort of musical detail that makes listening to great audio, such a memorable experience.