Acoustical Systems Axiom 12

Axiom 12″ Reference

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A dynamically full balanced pivot tonearm which finally takes into account all geometrical aspects, all the various inherent forces and combines all solutions in a most consequent way. Thus the very best performance possible for any given cartridge is enabled.

State-of-the-art materials - combined with high-tech production and finishing methods and unique solutions - an idea is transformed into a fascinating analog component.

* the AXIOM is entirely designed, made and assembled in Germany

* every AXIOM is assembled, tested and calibrated by the designer

* all parts of the AXIOM - even the screws, the inner wiring and it's customized aluminum transport case are made in Germany.

* it's customized aluminum transport case are made in Germany

* the AXIOM is a full dynamic balanced design

* the AXIOM is a full lateral balanced design

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