Bricasti M1 Series II

Bricasti M1 Series II


The Bricasti M1 Series II introduces a new look and feel to the M1 series of products. This new DAC encompasses many elements of Bricasti Design’s vast wealth of experience engineering precision D/A’s to transform the M1 with the audio purist in mind. The M1S2 is focused on simplicity of design and includes a host of new performance milestones including our latest MDx processor, new higher current twin linear power supplies with larger performance capacitors, all fit into a handcrafted chassis that is milled from solid aluminum. This unit stands taller in size fitted with the same M1SE feet as standard.

The digital input selection of the Bricasti M1 Series II DAC is well-appointed to fit almost any system. It also features a fully differential design which creates a less resistant output signal path, ideal when matched with a fully differential M20 preamplifier and the Bricasti M28 and M25 amplifiers.

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Made in the USA.