Bricasti M19 CD SACD high end transport digital

Bricasti M19


Bricasti M19 Reference SACD/CD Transport 

The M19 is a simple CD and SACD-compatible disk player. It is a transport — meaning the M19 has no D/A converter and is designed to be used with an external DAC. As such, the M19 has AES and SPDIF outputs and a proprietary I2S output intended to interface with our DAC products. Care was taken to provide a very simple-to-use product for the task of playing your favorite disks. 

Simplicity is the highest goal.

The M19 is an SACD/CD transport, refreshingly simple to operate and dedicated solely to uncompromising performance. The design of the M19 follows simplicity in all aspects, one that would not need additional processing, like upsampling, no DAC, no digital inputs or USB to support, all of which complicate the user experience when you want to put a disk in and play it, and will complicate the digital design as well. All aspects were kept faithful to the original mastered media to guarantee that no additional processing would be introduced to yield a clear and clean rendering of the highest order.

Power Player

Power is the heart of any product. The M19 power supply design was made by adopting two oversized independent linear power supplies with medical-grade toroidal transformers. One is dedicated to powering the drive’s transport mechanical aspects, the motor drive and loader, and the other for the digital aspects and those related to the audio path. We wanted to make sure the two sections would be completely autonomous from one another and, importantly, supply stable, high current power for the motor and mechanical aspects, ensuring accurate and stable motor speeds and removing any potential cross-feed contamination between the drive and the rest of the audio path electronics. Both could be potential sources of jitter and or power supply ripple.

Build Quality 

The M19 is robustly constructed of milled and CNC-machined aluminum sections. There are no typical bent metal chassis and top covers found on most products. All construction sections, the front and rear panels, sides, and even the bottom and top plates, start as solid aluminum blocks. All are precision machined to shape, with exact tolerances for a perfect fit. 

Front Panel Overview 

The front panel has a large, simple, easy-to-read graphic display, an encoder for changing tracks, adjusting and selecting settings, and dedicated function buttons. An IR receiver is built into the display's left-side center for using the M19 remote controller. 

Rear Panel Overview 

Looking at the rear, you will find the left in the picture, the trigger in and out jacks, AES, SPDIF, and RJ 45 network connector for I2S. 

Made in the USA. For more details, click here.