Bricasti M1se

Bricasti M1se


The Bricasti M1se D/A converter is a very critical part of the digital audio chain, after all you have to convert it to analog to hear it, and we feel this should be a true as possible in its reconstruction of the original signal. It is a dual mono design; there are 2 completely isolated channels, a left and right, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking, and analog circuitry.

Many hours of listening were done to tune the M1 to an exacting sound, with all types of music, and with extensive testing done in the studio and in the home. The M1 intent is to provide a state of the art, Digital to Analog converter, utilizing the best designs and materials that can be found today. The sound of the Bricasti M1se is intended to be transparent and revealing, and fully dynamic.

We think you will find the M1 to be pleasing and enjoyable to hear and use in the home.

Product Highlights

DSD playback.

Features the latest generation asynchronous USB interface.

Dedicated dual mono design.

Highly acclaimed, proprietary filter technology.

Extremely low jitter @ 6 picoseconds.

Supports sample rates of up to 192khz and 24 bits.

Minimum and linear phase filters.

M1 Remote Control Option

The new M1 Remote Control offers an upgrade to any existing M1 providing remote access to all settings and full parametric control of the M1