Bricasti m20

Bricasti M20


The Bricasti M20 Series dual mono preamplifier builds on the analog design of the M12 dual mono source controller to deliver a rich analog experience with fluid, fast and tonally balanced audio. This DAC features fully differential and independently buffered signal paths for superior isolation and purity of sound. A proprietary, all discrete resister ladder attenuator, ceramic circuit boards and three dynamic Class A linear power transformers create the ultimate platform for your audio system.

The attenuator is a discreet ladder of digitally controlled resistors in 1dB steps utilizing Vishay foil resistors in key locations in the circuit; we find them to have a unique sound so we employed them to impart a tonal character to the M20, and PCB material is made from ceramic materials with excellent dialectic properties. The final output buffers are a proprietary discreet design and level control is accomplished using a R2R ladder technique allowing for perfect balance and tonal character at any level with recall, programmable input offset and remote control capabilities.

The Bricasti M20 is a fully differential dual mono preamp powered by three linear power supplies, one for each of the analog sections and a separate supply for the digital control circuit processor to ensure isolation from the analog PCB and power supplies. So in this way the M20 is a full Class A design. The M20 comes complete with Stillpoints isolator feet, is available in our Classic finish of anodized black and clear aluminum or in the platinum Series with chrome front and brass fittings.

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Made in the USA