Bricasti m28 Amps

Bricasti M28


The Bricasti M28 monoblock amplifier is an exceptionally pure and precisely controlled reservoir of current. The expression of craft wrought in this deep pool effortlessly provides the massive current required to grab onto and control any speaker through the most demanding of musical passages. The sought after listening experience that is so elusive is immediately evident. Ruler flat response and vanishing distortion of course. Fast, articulate, distortion free low frequency performance, even at the speakers resonant peak, perhaps unanticipated.

A balanced differential structure minimizes the stress across each of the M28 amplifier's internal elements. Pairing the M28 with the balanced structure of the Bricasti M1 digital to analog converter forms a balanced differential signal flow from source to speaker.

200w/ 400w /800w balanced power amplifier with Stillpoints embedded in the feet.

See the Bricasti M28 review from parttimeaudiophile here.

Made in the USA.

Total Harmonic DistortionTHD+N less than 0.005% 20hz-20kHz at full rated power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms.
Power200W into 8 ohms, 400W into 4 ohms, 800W into 2 ohms.
Frequency response10hz-150kHz, within 0.5db.
Signal to Noisegreater than 95db at full rated.
Power TopologyFully Differential, bi polar.
Balanced InputXLR connector 200k ohm impedance.
Unbalanced InputRCA connector 100k ohm impedance.
Weight85 lbs.
Shipping Weight100 lbs.
FinishAnodized Aluminum.
Mains Voltage set at factory100, 120, 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz.
Trigger InTRS connector for 5V external trigger.
Input Trim0db, -6db, -12db,-18db of attenuation.
Power consumption60W standby, 2W idle.