CAD Audio USB II-R Cable

CAD Audio USB II-R Cable


The CAD Audio USB II-R Cable

Computer Audio Design USB Cables are engineered to filter out this noise from digital music sources before it can reach the digital-to-analogue converter (DAC).

The CAD USB II-R cable itself is completely new, both in terms of the conductors and materials used, and in the construction techniques employed, aimed at producing extra clarity across all frequencies, a larger soundstage with greater speed, and improved timing and rhythm producing a more realistic natural sound quality.

The new CAD USB II-R cable replaces CAD’s highly successful USB II cable. Designed for use with any server, computer, USB re-clocker, or DAC/streamer, it builds upon the patented filter design used in its predecessors, which reduces high-frequency noise on the USB differential signal, the Signal Ground, and the 5V connections.

Digital audio source components –servers, streamers, laptops – are real noise polluters in an audio system. Their CPUs, chipsets, switch mode power supplies, regulators, and the like produce considerably more high-frequency ‘noise’ than any analog component.

The first review of the USB II-R Cable is out in HiFi+ Magazine (April 2023), and it’s a good one!

“erasing the tinest hints of what we think of as digital”

“I’ve heard examples up to and beyond £5000, and they can’t hold a light to it.”

“the USB II-R is now the cable that can preserve the most authentic account of the music so far, acting almost like an analog conduit from PC to DAC. Against any known contender, this winner takes them all.”

Read the full review here:

HiFi+ USB II-R Cable Review