Computer Audio Design Ground Controls

Computer Audio Design Ground Controls

Computer Audio Design Ground Controls — Computer Audio Design believes that one of the key reasons so many digital audio products “sound digital” is due to this high-frequency noise. From the very beginning of CAD, we have worked hard to reduce unwanted noise in all our products. The amount of high-frequency noise on our power has increased dramatically due to computers, routers, modems, wifi, etc. The high-frequency noise generated within our audio systems has also increased: DACs, Servers, Computers, NAS drives, Routers, WiFi, etc. are all connected directly to our audio systems.

Most audio engineers put a lot of effort into making sure the positive and negative rails of their DC power supplies have low ripple and noise, adequate bandwidth, etc. but typically not much thought is put into the signal ground plane. CAD believes that reducing high-frequency noise on Signal Ground and Earth improves sound quality.

The CAD GC1.1, GC3.1 & GC-R Ground Controls can be connected to any audio product with an unused output or input connection.

“Now that I’ve lived with the CAD [Ground Controls] for another couple of months, I can render my verdict: I can’t live without it. After listening for weeks, I pulled it out of my system, listened for a few minutes, put it all back immediately, then wrote a check” – Michael Fremer, Analog Corner, Stereophile September 2020

(See Michael Fremer’s report here)

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Scott Berry describes the CAD Ground Controls in this video.