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The all new successor of the worldwide praised TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE (2007-2014). TIDAL did not let things as they were, all is completely new with the Contriva G2. Like with iconic design classics improving does not mean changing. It means making dimensions and proportions better while strictly continuing and following the generic and unique design of it. So we made the Contriva G2 45mm less tall, 5mm less wide and we gave it 3 degree more slope to give it a more dynamic and elegant look while also improving the sonic dispersion of it. The cabinet is made out of TIRADUR, TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material for this model. TIDAL also equipped it with all new BCC drivers, a complete new x-over design, an all new terminal with Tidal’s completely new pure silver binding posts. The result is the very best midsize speaker TIDAL ever built.