Finewire Tonearm Cables

All cables are manufactured by a special technique which I developed Heiko Wingender. Every cable is assembled by hand.

The silk isolated signal wires are cryogenically and thermally treated, pair wise twisted, mounted on a special device and finally varnished with C37 natural resin lacquer. A C37 lacquer mixture is used for this special application on signal wires by the inventor Dieter Ennemoser.

The signal wires are screened and protected by an outer jacket, one for each channel, matte black surface and around 4 mm diameter. The signal wiring and the screening/earth wiring are completely separated so the signal wiring is symmetrical and balanced to ground. A terminal lug connects the screening to the phono preamplifier.

The completed cable finally undergoes a 24 hour burn in process with a special modulated high current signal. These cables compete with or surpass the best and most expensive phono interconnects from famous manufacturers as many customers reported.