G-1 MkII Sub-Base System

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Gibraltar G-1 transforms the definition of deep bass for the home. We know of no finer ambient space and deep bass reproducer. G-1 combines shocking speed and clarity with formidable power handling and depth. G-1 combines a cabinet of remarkable complexity, with a power amplifier capable of sufficient current production to develop even the lowest, sustained passages–whether in ultra high-end home theater or the finest audiophile music system.

The massively beautiful, finned, alloy heatsink is necessary when dissipating the sorts of power necessary for prodigious deep bass for hours on end. Capable of outputting a conservative 600W (120V) on occasion, the dedicated REL Class A/B amplifier used in G-1 is a true dreadnaught. Powerful, fast and capable of tremendous current delivery, it is the finest amplifier ever designed by our engineers.

The 12" bass engine fitted to every G-1 features ultra light, stiff carbon fibre - the same stuff used to craft race car chassis - as weight goes down, speed goes up.