Ideon Absolute Time Signature

Ideon Absolute Time Signature

The Ideon Absolute Time Signature is a no-compromise design and implementation. It solves all issues inherent to digital playback, providing the ultimate quality signal for any DAC, regardless of price or brand. Such a purified, re-generated signal is the first step to a natural, high-performance playback. As a leader in re-clocking platform technology, Ideon Audio announced this new design after heavy customer demand for even higher standards for digital playback.

The Absolute Time Signature comes because of all the R&D, field testing, and experience gained directly from our extensive work in purifying and optimizing the USB signal with our proprietary re-clocking, re-generating, and re-driving family of products.

Signature Edition additional features

The technology within is an innovative combination of high-performance design features and best-of-breed quality components, featuring in addition to the highly acclaimed existing Absolute Time:

  • Advanced, triple Distillation USB input comprising a proprietary three-stage noise eradication circuit that eliminates digital noise from the input signal.
  • Twin cascading, sequential re-clocking systems with the absolute best femto clocks in a proprietary upgradable circuit
  • Twin sequential re-driving systems with clean power and re-generating buffering technology
  • Parallelized, extremely low-noise power supplies for noise elimination
  • Parallelized power transformers of excess load
  • Future-proof upgradeable platform

The Absolute Time Signature leads to an extreme level of resolution and life-like natural sound with unimaginable dynamics and texture. This device will immediately reveal a clear and perceptible difference in ultimate audio systems.

The Signature version will shine in exotic levels of sound reproduction, for customers who want nothing but the very best musical experience from their system.

It operates for both USB and SPDIF signals.

More info on the product can be found here.

Made in Greece.