Ideon Ion DAC


Breakthrough technology from the Absolute Series: rediscover your music.

The Ideon Audio ION DAC and DAC-Pre, with optional analog preamplifier utilizing trickle-down technologies and R&D gained from our extensive work with our flagship Absolute Epsilon DAC.

Most of the Epsilon DAC’s innovations and designs are found in the IΩN on its own scale. As with all Ideon offerings, the IΩN DAC is a fully proprietary design with audio technologies developed in-house.

Proprietary Triple Distillation USB input: Noise Elimination

Conceived and designed in-house, the Ideon Audio Triple Distillation USB input comprises a proprietary three-stage noise eradication circuit that eliminates digital noise from the input signal. Our experience from making the Absolute Espislon DAC has also been transferred to the IΩN. Figuratively speaking, we have declared war on linear & non-linear distortion and noise!

Clock Oscillators: Getting the Music in Phase

The IΩN, like the flagship Absolute epsilon DAC, uses three top-of-the-line femto ultra-low jitter and ultra-low phase noise clocks in a no-compromise architecture; the signal’s precision and resulting phase fidelity are ensured. Each clock has its own dedicated power line.

The sonic result redefines digital audio playback potential, bringing you directly to the heart of music with a breath-taking sense of naturalness and presence.

A bespoke handcrafted product housing an innovative combination of high-performance design features and best-of-breed quality components.