Graceline Audio Level 2 Power Cord Black Cat Cables

Level 2 Power Cord

The Graceline Level 2 Power Cord by Black Cat cables. This is a dual-core cable; each core is constructed very similarly to the L2 speaker cable; however, it has an extra Faraday-Cage style shield layer on each core connected to the ground plane. This provides an extra means of protection besides behaving as a shield.

The Graceline L2 interconnect and speaker cable has a core of 3mm textile cord. It has a matrix of half bare copper and half enameled copper, an AERON insulator made of nylon and PTFE (a polymer), a bare copper matrix, and a braided nylon jacket. Each speaker cable is terminated with XOX rhodium-plated pure copper bananas, and each interconnect is terminated with Chris’ own Lovecraft Reference RCA designs or Neutrik XLRs.

All these materials seem quite nice on paper but don't mean much to me when listed. When I read Chris Sommovigo 's personal history and the methods he used to reach one of the best-sounding cables in their class, he developed these cables as a high-end audio equipment designer, inventor, and artisan. He has come up with a product that is at the service of the music.

Provided with Oyaide 004 series IEC and USA/NEMA 15 amp plugs.

See the video here!

The Graceline Level 2 Power Cord is made in the USA.