Graceline Audio Level 2 Setsuna Speaker Cables Black Cat

Level 2 “Setsuna” Phono

The Graceline Level 2 "Setsuna" Phono by Black Cat Cables. This is a miniaturized version of the Level 2 "Setsuna" interconnect, with twin runs deployed under a layer of QuieTex noise-abating shielding and a final jacket of braided, multifilament nylon yarns.

It has a delicate structure of open-braided, matrixed wire tubes encased in layers of insulation in a termination arrangement that keeps capacitance fundamentally low and velocity reasonably high (due to the air content of our unique AERON insulator).

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β€œThe orchestra's power in these signals was rendered scary-real sounding with my system's Black Cat Graceline L2 interconnects and speaker cable. As expected, this sense of realism is not absolute, regardless of which cables one uses, since even a multi-channel system cannot replicate the sound of a 100+ member symphony orchestra recorded in a 2700 seat concert hall, let alone a 2-channel system.”

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Can be terminated with Neutrik XLRs, Lovecraft Reference RCAs, and Furutech DIN connectors. Please consult us as your dealer on the best connector arrangement for your circumstance.

The Graceline Level 2 "Setsuna" Phono by Black Cat Cables is made in the USA.