Graceline Audio Level 3 Mezame Speaker Cables

Level 3 “Mezame” Speaker Cables

The Level 3 "Mezame" speaker cables, by Black Cat Cables, have a delicate structure combining a triaxial arrangement of open-braided, matrixed wire-tubes separated by layers of insulation, in a termination arrangement that keeps inductance fundamentally low and mechanical damping fairly high (due to AERON's natural ability to absorb vibration).

“Black Cat and Graceline by extension, serves an altogether different clientele and customer: someone who appreciates the made by hand, carefully crafted and nurtured cable geometry design, packaged in minimalist, though by no means minimal, qualitatively superior cable jacket. This is the essence of Graceline L3: it provides a more authentic, a more life-like sound compared to my previous reference. Astonishingly vivid in character, sublimely expressive in output, these are now my de facto new reference cables for the Wilson XVX system—maybe there is a synergy at play that I am unaware of; maybe there is a technical reason for it that can be measured, bottled up and sold. Whoever discovers that formula, will get rich, quick. Maybe it's just one of those audio rarities that when it all comes together, it comes together in a ray of light. Incidentally, I have never heard Madonna's album on vinyl sound this good before.” - Danny Kaey / Positive Feedback

  • 0.5 mm core waxed-cotton cord
  • 1/2 enameled copper x 1/2 bare Pure Silver matrix
  • THREE-Layer AERON full ptfe insulator
  • 1/2 bare copper x 1/2 enameled Pure Silver matrix
  • braided nylon interstitial insulator
  • bare copper matrix
  • braided nylon jacket
  • terminated with XOX rhodium-plated pure copper bananas.

The Level 3 "Mezame" speaker cables, by Black Cat Cables, are made in the USA. See the video here.