Levin Record brushes

Levin Record brushes

Levin Record brushes are produced by traditional brush manufacturing methods, that means the natural hairs are pulled in by hand. This product is handmade from fine Chinese natural goat hair according to old brush making tradition. The special feature is the handling. The record brush has a length of about 16 cm, so that the records can be cleaned in one go before playing. The natural goat hair record brush is antistatic and due to its structure the ideal dust collector.

it is an anti-static brush

has a new geometry, the dust is absorbed from the record surface into the natural goat hair structure.

handle has been extended so that a beautiful haptic is created (approx. 16.cm)

a various range of handle materials (technical plastic and precious wood )

sustainable / durable

handmade in Germany

The handles are available in the following exclusive finishes:

– subfossil bog oak (between 800-10,000 years old)

– tuja / root wood

– karelian curly birch

– walnut / walnut

– pear, oiled

Gorgeous, handmade with real animal hair, washable, durable and come in a variety of read wood finishes. Levin Record brushes are the perfect mate alongside your Dohmann turntables.

Matching cartridge brushes are also available.