Metronome AQWO

Metronome AQWO


For years, Métronome strengthens its position on high-resolution music, proposing integrated DAC and CD players as well as converters adapted to the latest formats. It’s our constant commitment to be close to your needs and your audiophile practices. Enter the Metronome AQWO.

Like all DAC + CD hybrids, AQWO perpetuates the analog quality of Metronome – both for its playback function and digital-to-analog conversion, with a number of inputs and outputs allowing it to be used with many sources. Its large 21/9, 6 1/2 inch screen makes it easy to read the current music information from a confident distance.

The Metronome AQWO is factory installed with AOP outputs, and a tube option can be installed to order or later. Like all Metronome converters, AQWO decodes PCM and DSD up to 512 (x8).

Solid and robust, the AQWO is available in a silver or black finish.

For more information, see here.

Made in France.