Oyaide MTB6

MTP-4 and MTB-6 Power distribution strips


The MTB-4 and MTB-6 power distributors are so simply assembled and has so few parts that Oyaide closely examined the qualities of each component in detail, even carefully determining the appropriate processing temperature of the internal wiring. By applying years of technical experience and know-how about power supply, they were able to create a product of exquisite quality.

The chassis is made of 2.0mm thick brass board which is highly rigid and has excellent vibration damping property. For Its surface treatment, a combination of nickel and chrome plating is applied to control the hardness of the body. Coupled with the shielding effect of brass, nickel plating reduces exogenous noise in wide frequency range. It’s employed with 2.0mm 4N silver wire for its internal wiring connection; SS-47 audio grade solder; brass spikes; electromagnetic wave absorber at IEC inlet part and the inlet contacts are made of brass.

We prefer them with the R-0 duplexes Beryllium Copper, Oyaide IEC inlet – Custom Ordered.