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MU2 Streamer

At the heart of Grimm's MU2 Streamer is their proprietary Major DAC. It is a groundbreaking discrete design that optimizes their own FPGA board. In a unique way, their high-resolution Pure Nyquist upsampling filters are combined with a fundamentally flawless 11th-order noise shaper of 1.5 bit. If you like to read more about this technology, please check out the Major DAC blog.

As a result, the MU2 reproduces micro-details so well that it allows a deep emotional connection to the musical performance. The stereo image is of groundbreaking quality. Its serenity invites prolonged listening sessions. The MU2 has 2 stereo analog inputs and 3 stereo digital inputs. It has outputs on XLR and RCA, and phones.

If you love your loudspeakers and power amplifiers but long for a fundamental update in sound quality and streamer experience, the MU2 streamer is designed for you.


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MU2 features

  • Roon Core and Roon End Point integrated
  • ultra low clock jitter
  • FPGA-based discrete Major DAC
  • all sample rates and formats supported
  • relay-based analog volume control
  • digital AES, spdif, and optical inputs
  • analog XLR and RCA inputs
  • analog XLR and RCA outputs
  • headphone output
  • web control of setup via any browser

You can find more details on the Grimm website.

  • infrared remote control
  • external USB and NAS storage, optional internal SSD
  • Tidal and Qobuz support
  • 355 x 85 x 295mm (WxHxD)
  • 5-year limited warranty