Palladian X.O. Boron Cartridge Acoustical Systems High end analog vinyl

Palladian X.O. Boron Cartridge

Acoustical Systems Smartractor

The Acoustical Systems Palladian X.O. Boron Cartridge - Low output (.33mV) moving coil cartridge. Revolutionary fluid damped boron cantilever, Titanium Timet 1100 / Vanadium Alloy body, low mass silver coils, 11.8gr and Shibata Q4 EVO Stylus.

Palladian X.O. is so much more than the standard Palladian, considered “A piece of gem,” is the most impressive description of the Palladian Cartridge. Its design is an upgrade to the Aiwon but with a much-improved feature – a tempered aluminum cantilever. This consistently refines the frequency range, resulting in a more dynamic sound vibration.

The Acoustical Systems Palladian features a hand-hammered Titanium body of unequaled strength and an unparalleled ability to transfer energy. In this cartridge, you will find a strong heart with more energy and a more agile body with less inertia. They executed a subtle mix of small measures to fine-tune every performance parameter. This allows for a sonic explosion beyond expectations.


Acoustical Systems strives in cartridge design for a very physical, authoritative sound. They maintain subtle detail, finesse, and color-shadings to create a natural and "real" picture of the recorded event.

They use silver coils and a modified "old-school" approach in cartridge design with a concentration on creating a sound that reassembles the best moments in reel-to-reel playback:

- dynamics galore

- deep, authoritative, and airy bass response with speed and panache

- a true and natural physical weight in the sonic picture

- a clear and solid soundstage as a true reflection of the recording venue

- color shadings and timbre true to the real thing

The Titanium Tmet 1100 body is key to unparalleled energy transfer, and the resulting dynamic and micro-detail is a common feature in their cartridge designs.

Give any of their cartridges a listen, and you will find a sonic impact and performance far above its price range.

The hand-hammered body, the quicksilver-ish shine like a dragon’s skin. The Timet 1100 body visually expresses agility, vital dynamics, and live likeness.

The Palladian brings that spark of life back into the sonic presentation of your recordings. You will experience a spark of life – independent, large or small – was there when the performance was captured.

The Palladian is fast, life-like, dynamic, and breathtakingly direct in its color, immediateness, and agility.

The Palladian is an incredibly agile, dynamic dancer – reminiscent of Misha Baryshnikov in his prime.

It is subtle, tender, and sublime – yet frighteningly dynamic, with a sonic punch both wall-shaking and stunning physical in its impact.

The Palladian is.. life….. in the best sense and the true spirit of the music; with the Palladian, the true spirit of the music is there.

This is their statement in phono cartridges ….. their best!

Their range of cartridges offers unique, superior sonic performance in each price range. The Palladian X.O. Boron Cartridge is a numbered limited edition low-output moving coil cartridge assembled, fine-tuned by hand, and designed in Bavaria / Germany.