Proto AS Stand

Proto AS Stand


The Ictra Design Proto AS Stand goes a decisive step further. It combines the structurally superior genes of the proven PROTO with the generous footprint of the incomparable HIGH-END KEO rack. This means that even large audio components can be placed on the shelf. The bamboo composite panel elements are veneered with precious wood and rest on the integrated and numerically optimized shelf supports.

Exquisite materials. Perfectly finished masterpieces. Craftsmanship meets pure passion. The perfect combination of acoustic balance and creative harmony has been created with the new PROTO AS.

With a focus on the essentials. An aesthetic and highly emotional presentation of the musical experience.

"I am saying that the PROTO rack (and Ictra Design’s other products) will appeal most to a very special kind of client. This will be a very serious audiophile who has the kind of disposable income to showcase his or her valuable components on what is no doubt one of the most technologically advanced and beautiful pieces of audio furniture ever developed. Those components, so displayed, will look their most elegant and also reap real tangible benefits of the technology employed." John Richardson -

Dimensions: 34.25" H x 26.75" W x 24.8" D
Shelf Capacity: 165 lbs. / 75 kg

The Ictra Design Proto AS Stand. Made In Germany.