Proto Stand


Research and development over many years in the field of materials engineering has irrevocably moved the limits for the manufacture of audiophile racks. Complete mechanical decoupling of individual mass oscillators and avoidance of mutual interaction as a principle are the results of a construction concept that is second to none. The optimum is their only benchmark.

The philosophy from PROTO is conceivably easy. Complete decoupling via the sub chassis construction whilst simultaneously realizing maximum component and functional integration.

After an optimization process over several years this audio furniture has now developed to become one of the most preferred pieces of equipment and visual objects of renowned HIGH-END manufacturers.

Admittedly realization is complex. The numerical, optimized, one-piece steel frame construction of the base element, the height-adjustable shelf-supports with adaptable three-point support and the bamboo composite plate elements with their precious wood veneer, form the overall concept of HIGH-END audio rack with incomparable features. Perfect workmanship is a granted.

Dimensions: 22,24" H x 19.68" W x 21.65" D
Shelf Capacity: 110 lbs. / 50 kg