Oyaide R1 Receptacle R0 Receptacle

R1 Receptacle and R0 Receptacle


The Oyaide R1 Receptacle and R0 Receptacle are the best power outlets for your audio system.

The importance of high-quality power supply connections is now widely accepted. Many enthusiasts install dedicated power lines for their hi-fi systems and no longer question the importance of the quality of the receptacle fitted to the wall. Conventional "hospital grade" connectors can improve the strength of the mechanical connection, but they are far from ideal for realizing the best sound quality.

They aimed to develop receptacles whose sole purpose was to deliver the highest sound quality possible. Every part has been designed with this in mind. Extensive research into the effects of plating methods has yielded three equally valid but different types of sound for you to choose from. The entire series is non-magnetic to avoid any disturbance from magnetic fields.

The contact of the R-1 is made of beryllium copper with platinum + palladium plating, the same as the F1/M1 series, using a new and high level of performance. The use of heat-treated beryllium copper ensures mechanical integrity and high conductivity. It is 1.0mm thick and 6.0mm wide, reducing vibration at the point of contact with no signal transmission loss.

The contact of the R0 is made of beryllium copper, the same as the R1 and F1/M1 series, using a new and high level of performance. The Oyaide R-0 receptacle/outlet has an unplated High-Quality Beryllium Copper base material. 20 AMP rating.

The naked receptacle!  No plating, just high-quality bare copper. Do your system justice and install an Oyaide R1 Receptacle and R0 Receptacle. You'll love it!