Reed 1X Tonearm

Reed 1H Tonearm


The Reed 1H Tonearm. After researching and investigating lots of tonearm designs, both available currently or made years ago, they discovered that majority of popular tonearm bearing systems are not optimal for a tonearm from mechanical and acoustical point of view.

Reed 1H is the latest addition to their entry level tonearm series. And, for the first time, we introduce carbon fiber as primary Reed 1H’s armwand material.

After a thorough research we found a way to make the carbon fiber armwand’s acoustic properties close to ones that normally are typical for the wood.

By using soft wood to damp the carbon fiber tube, our new armwand’s acoustic properties become considerably better than using carbon fiber alone, and can be compared to wooden armwands.

Reed designed, and built, a tonearm with a bearing system, which differs substantially from the most of tonearms available in the market. We think that it is an optimal mechanical system that ensures flawless reproduction of vinyl record.

For details, see here.