REL No.31/32

REL No.31 Reference Series

REL No.31 Reference Series Sub Systems exists to satisfy the needs of those who crave the finest yet have space limitations.

The No.32 represents the sum of REL's efforts, research, and knowledge gained over the past three decades as a leader in audio and subwoofers. Nothing they have built competes with the speed, agility, absence of texture, and vivid dynamic contrasts delivered by No.32. It represents the pinnacle of REL’s considerable experience and is our standard for future innovation.

Whilst some can afford their flagship No.32 model, it is larger and deeper than some rooms can accommodate. How can you best deliver No.32’s sound quality, build quality, and thoughtful features with a more compact footprint? Enter No.31.

The No.31 a vertically stacked line array as the ultimate No.32. It delivers transformative performance that no competitor has been able to. For those who have been seeking the ultimate musical and theatre experience, Line Arrays unlock the final dimension of system reproduction. Audiophiles have chased three-dimensional sound for years, yet they have missed the simple fact that the height—not the depth—of image is the missing link. By creating products that are designed to be stacked 3 (or in exceptionally tall rooms, 5) units high while retaining individual crossover and gain control of each subwoofer in the array, REL has created a masterpiece that finally delivers what the most experienced audiophiles have been chasing for the past 40 years.

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