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Silencer II


With the SILENCER II, ictra design has developed a unique spring/damper unit for reducing almost all externally induced structure-borne and airborne sound events. The SILENCER II is based on a mechanical air/spring damper system that is fully adaptable to any hi-fi component and almost any sound event. With four extremely long-stroke and individually adjustable air/spring dampers, the SILENCER II achieves a damping level of > 98 % above approx. 10 Hz, even with extremely high vibration amplitudes. This makes the SILENCER II the ideal platform for all audio components that react sensitively to external vibration influences or a non-optimal installation location.

The following features characterize the SILENCER II:

  • Resonance and stiffness-optimized design using state-of-the-art CAE tools and measurement and laboratory technology.
  • Height-adjustable air/spring dampers with an adjustable damping level on cross slide guide made of anti-magnetic steel.
  • Integrated trim weights for adjustment to the selected audio component.
  • Separation of swing frame and contact surface by bearing on hard metal balls.
  • ictra design uses only the highest quality materials in its manufacture. The structure consists of a material with extremely high internal damping and perfect acoustic properties. It is also 100% recyclable, as are all metallic components made of anti-magnetic steel.
  • The 680 mm x 620 mm (26.75 x 24.40 inch) SILENCER II is unmistakable from fine real wood veneers, so-called tailored veneers, or multi-layer piano finish. These are produced in a special process, making it possible to dispense with wood from primeval forests and rainforests completely.

This is not a simple shelf. See this YouTube video to learn how the product really works.

We can add the SILENCER II platform for turntables and tube amps to the ITO stand. It is available in white or several veneer finishes.

We are the authorized dealer in the US. Contact us for more details.

The Ictra Design SILENCER II is made In Germany.

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