Siltech Classic Legend 880_P

Siltech Classic Legend 880 Power Cords

The Siltech Classic Legend 880 Power Cords are designed for people who demand an excellent performance-to-price ratio. This is possible thanks to the combination of Siltech’s superb G9 silver-gold alloy metallurgy, and a class-leading insulation and shielding package using top-quality materials. It is the result of four decades of research into cable design, honed by exhaustive measurements, testing, and auditioning.

The latest in a long line of Classic cables stretching back thirty years. Siltech Classic Legend 880 Power Cords boasts vanishingly low distortion and exceptional interference rejection considering its accessible price. It’s this combination of superconductivity and relative immunity to electrical and mechanical noise that makes it sound so special.

“The Legend 880 does not add any identifiable tonal shift or coloration. They do not blunt or exaggerate transient response, whether it’s the highest treble or the low bass. Speaking of the low bass, the 880 really shines in cleaning up any woolliness or exaggeration without over-damping or diminishing low-end slam. Brian Bromberg’s Wood provides some excellent recorded stand-up bass, and the Legend 880 got clean out of the way. – Greg Petan from Positive Feedback”

Super thick G9 silver-gold conductors give the cable over twice the power of 680P – up to 1,200W. Siltech’s double Super Shielding further reduces electrical noise.


Metallurgy:G9 silver-gold alloy
Construction:Twisted coaxial pair
Insulators:PEEK, Teflon & double Super Shielding

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