Siltech Royal Crown Cable Review

Siltech Royal Crown Cables

As Siltech's finest ever cable range, the Siltech Royal Crown Cables replaces the highly acclaimed Royal Signature series. A clean-sheet, no-compromise design, it covers every popular audiophile application, from analogue and digital interconnects, to power cords and loudspeaker cables.

The Royal Crown series of analog interconnects offers cost-no-object construction quality using the very finest materials.

To reap the full benefits of this state-of-the-art conductor, Royal Crown uses 6-core Hexagon construction. This symmetrical wire distribution is more efficient than other types, making for lower inductance. The analog interconnects sport Kapton and Teflon insulation with special air gaps, and wide range shielding for reduced capacitance. Signature resonance damping is employed to minimise the effect of microphony upon the cable, and in turn, the electronics that are connected to it. Improved connectors are also fitted.

The Siltech Royal Crown Cables include interconnect versions and specially designed tonearm phono cables, and a choice of Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and Royal Triple Crown levels. As you progress up the range, conductor thickness and spacing increase for even better sound.

Here's a video and you can get deeper details here.

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