TIDAL Assoluta Monobloc Amplifiers

TIDAL Audio Assoluta Amplifier


The TIDAL Audio Assoluta Amplifier is their statement power amplifier. The finest they offer to amplify most delicate music signals to ultimate power. Their W16 engine to say so if the TIDAL Ferios is the analogy of a V8 to it.

The result they have accomplished is beyond the trial to get an idea out of provided specifications, data and used technologies. TIDAL Audio Assoluta Amplifier — Silence. Finesse. Endless control. Music in its true beauty.


  • concept: true separated linear voltage power regulator mono power amplifier
  • 3 special designed high power and low noise magnet-field compensated transformer with perfectly equal temperature compensation, mechanically decoupled and double shielded with very high cable cross-section, total transformer power 2.400 VA
  • 3 pure silver hollow conductor EMI-Filters in a resonant dampened compound enclosure, lowest interference power supply for the main transformers
  • high speed and low noise linear-voltage-regulator as main supply for the power-amplifier
  • 58 high grade and low impedance capacitors with a total capacity of 330.000µF
  • In-house made 4-times multilayer PCB (printed circuit board) with 105 µm copper per layer
  • ultra wide copper strip line PCB design for speaker output, main ground and power-supply
  • high current 200A press-fit connectors for power-supply and speaker outputs
  • pure silver binding post connectors in CWT (cold-welding-technology) for lowest resistance and most reliable contact
  • 16 high speed and low distortion bipolar audio-transistors for the power-amp
  • hand selected transistors, measured and matched with a precision better than 1%
  • DC-coupled input circuit, without coupling capacitors or relay in the signal path from the input to the output
  • no relay in the signal way from XLR input to speaker output
  • ultralow impedance capacitors directly at the transistors for most shortest connection
  • TIDAL proprietary APM system (amplifier protection management) is completely outside of the signal path
  • TIDAL APM System is an isolated and completely autarkic system to manage and control the power amps safety: output current in relation to output-voltage, short circuit current, DC- offset, under-voltage und excess voltage
  • sequential daisy-chain remote power on/off up for 4 amplifier
  • weight without packaging, per piece 85 Kg / 188 lbs.
  • length, width, height: 60cm x 44cm x 32,5cm / 23,6” x 17,3” x 12,3”
  • power at 8 / 4 / 2 Ohm (rated) 380 W / 750 W / > 1.200 W
  • power at 8 / 4 / 2 Ohm (Impulse) 700 W / 1.300 W / > 1.900 W
  • linear-power-supply 1 x 2.000 VA
  • power consumption: < 1 W in stand-by mode, 250 watt in low volume mode, 2.400 watt in full power mode
  • amplification bandwidth: wider than the highest resolution sources
  • damping factor: ideal damping factor for life like music reproduction, perfectly even over the whole spectrum
  • distortions 25W/4Ohm below 0,01%
  • distortions -1dB below max. power below 0,08%

Made in Germany. See here for more information.