TIDAL Audio Akira Speaker

TIDAL Audio Akira Speaker


The TIDAL Audio Akira Speaker is only 1.40m tall and built for smaller or medium sized rooms. The TIDAL Akira offers you full range performance and plays starting at the upper bass / lower midrange. When you listen to it, you will experience the best diaphragm material in the world — pure diamond, perfectly linear and time coherent.


The TIDAL Audio Akira Speaker uses the exclusive driver and cabinet technology of the La Assoluta. The cabinet of the TIDAL Akira is made of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT™. This material combines the rigidity of hard materials, such as metal, with the resonance absorbing behavior of softer materials like MDF. TIDAL's exclusive 80 mm midrange woofer, the result of the Accuton TIDAL cooperation, you will find only in TIDAL Akira and La Assoluta. The diaphragm is made of pure diamond.

Another key point, found only in this speaker, are the BCS woofers. These drivers were designed to play within the bass chamber with its big inner volume. You will hear extremely deep, fast and without compression, at lowest and highest reproduction level.


"...cut after cut, the Akira elicited from me that elusive "ah-ha" moment of clarity, that point in the performance where I felt I could genuinely divine the deeper intent of the musicians, recording engineer, and composer. Think of the Akira as time machines that defy the Laws of Physics by taking you back to the recorded event across multiple intersecting vectors."

"... The Akiras are the best-looking, best-built, best-sounding speakers I have had in my listening room..." Click the Stereophile Cover image below and read the full review.

As a matter of fact, you will hear a speaker like no other! For more info, see here.

TIDAL Audio Akira Speaker - 100% Made in Germany.