TIDAL Audio Arkas Streamer High End digital Audio

TIDAL Audio Arkas Streamer


The TIDAL Audio Arkas Streamer is designed to be the perfect digital music content controller for TIDAL high-end systems. The approach of the Arkas was simple: build the perfect musical data file transport with TIDAL performance and reliability. In general, the Arkas concept can be compared to the build of a super sports car: as little weight as possible, by removing all but necessary, combined with the most power possible - to get the best performance and keep up with the pace.

Every TIDAL Audio Arkas Streamer has the proprietary data connection output to the TIDAL Camira (2021) - the TIDAL-Link. This unique cable connection overcomes the disadvantages of SPDIF RCA, AES, or USB in sound quality and the lack of possibility of playing certain files with certain connections. The TIDAL link cable comes with every Arkas, ready to be plugged into the TIDAL Camira to unleash its real performance and create the perfect TIDAL combination.

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All TIDAL Audio products are 100% made in Germany.