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TIDAL Audio Cables close the gap as messenger between amps and speakers. They are designed to be a completely silent messenger between component and speaker.

This cable features a hollow core, hand polished, pure silver construction that works in absolute harmony with perfect resolution, presentation and bass definition for a complete TIDAL system synergy.

From the beginning, they pursued a single-minded ambition to redefine quality in the sphere of sound. Very quickly, they attracted an elite of aficionados who possessed both the discrimination and the financial means necessary to satisfy their exacting standards of sound reproduction.

To truly get the best possible performance from your TIDAL equipment, they always recommends using TIDAL Cables - either the Reference or Assoluta cable products.

"...if you want the truth and reality music reproduction...then all called, Tidal is your choice....we would not do any cable if it would not be 100% Tidal." - Jorn Janczak

The Assoluta Cable takes their design to the limits and represents the pinnacle of their unique audio cables.

Experience the same philosophy, build quality, and results you expect from TIDAL.

Available as AES/EBU, XLR and RCA interconnect as well as power cords... TIDAL Audio Cables.

Reference and Assoluta cables from TIDAL - Made in Germany