TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller

TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller


The TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller is designed to be the perfect digital music content controller for TIDAL high-end systems. This is the first TIDAL masterpiece benefiting from the ultra-exclusive TIDAL for Bugatti project. The MC-1 controller design is the basis, and the Contros is a scaled-down version.

The Contros Digital Controller combines the Camira, Arkas, and Prisma technology in one cabinet. All you need is power, an ethernet, and a connection to a power amp. As a result, it’s ready to perform at the TIDAL reference level with the hassle of many cables. As can be seen, this simplifies the listening experience without compromise.

It is a fully discrete Class-A output amplifier, balanced output concept without any sound-changing inverted signal generation. For this reason, you get unparalleled transparency.

Contros Feature:

Features include the UPnP AV protocol, an audio streaming extension, and gapless playback. The Contros supports formats: DSF (DSD), DFF (DSD), DoP (DSD), FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MQA, MP3, AAC (M4A).

The TIDAL Contros has native support for Tidal music streaming, Qobuz music streaming, MQA, and Apple AirPlay. It also supports TuneIn internet radio, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect music streaming. As a result, the Contros can stream nearly everything you desire to listen to.

Inputs include 3 x SPDIF in coaxial RCA, AES XLR, and optical. One unique connection option is 1 x proprietary TIDAL-link input interface with a high-speed, low-voltage differential signal driver/receiver for the TIDAL Arkas streamer and TIDAL devices to come soon.

The TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller provides reference sound in a downsized high-performance package.

You can get more info here. All TIDAL products are 100% Made in Germany.