TIDAL Audio Ferios Amplifier

TIDAL Audio Ferios Amplifier


TIDAL Audio Ferios Amplifier is a new mono power amplifier with pure silver EMV transformers and fully V&A power regulation.

TIDAL has pushed the concept of the Impulse stereo power amplifier to its extreme and developed an all new power supply with a true power regulation. The TIDAL Ferios mono amplifier board is certain to supply, with never failing power reserves, a lavish feed of clean current. Above all, this amplifier will drive every imaginable speaker with ease as a result.

Another key point is the generous supply of additional power which is merely a welcome byproduct. The real goal was the absolute relaxation with which the Ferios performs. Above all, any attempted description of sound attributes becomes meaningless.

  • rated power output at 8 ohm: 1 x 300 watts continuous rms power
  • rated power output at 4 ohm: 1 x 580 watts continuous rms power
  • rated power output at 2 ohm: 1 x > 700 watts continuous rms power

All in all, you can rest assured that the new TIDAL Audio Ferios Amplifier outperforms the award winning amplifiers that it replaces. The Ferios is quite simply the benchmark with regard to amplification in this size. As a matter of fact, we comfortably challenge any other amp to be as musically transparent.

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GOLDEN EAR AWARD 2022 from The Absolute Sound

The TIDAL Audio Ferios Amplifier has won the 2022 Golden Ear Award.