tidal intra amp

TIDAL Intra Stereo Amplifier


The TIDAL Intra Stereo Amplifier results from the uncompromising implementation of their basic requirement: pure amplification of the musical signal without adding any sonic color or concealing even the smallest details. It is the successor of their award-winning and worldwide-praised TIDAL Impulse. With it, TIDAL offered TIDAL amplification in the same cabinet size, such as the Prisma and Camira. What might look at first glance as a multi-channel amplifier – is more than that. The TIDAL Audio Intra Stereo Amplifier is first, and above all, a high end stereo power amplifier. It contains two physically divided stereo modules, built like a dual mono power amplifier.

For true stereo power amplification, you use one channel per module per speaker side. Then, each main power supply for each module takes care of only one channel—for ultimate sound. As an option, you could also connect two channels per speaker for passive or active bi-amping. The Intra offers true-purpose stereo excellence or versatile solutions if the best is good enough.

PartTimeAudiophile.com. Dave McNair gave it his Reviewer’s Choice. “I had flipped over the sound in Doug White’s room at CAF, and I knew nothing about the amp.” Read the TIDAL Audio Intra Stereo Amplifier review here.

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