TIDAL Audio La Assoluta speaker

TIDAL Audio La Assoluta speaker


TIDAL Audio La Assoluta speaker - 27 Carats of Real Diamond per speaker.

TIDAL Audio La Assoluta speaker. There's too much about this speaker to list here so click this link for a dedicated site of the product: http://www.laassoluta.com/intro.htm

When it comes to high-end loudspeakers, genuine contenders for state-of-the-art status are few and far between, hard to find and even harder to experience. Large, ruinously expensive, largely immobile and more demanding than a Hollywood star on the down curve of a long career, these are products that are hard to hear under any circumstances, not to mention hard to hear at their best. The situation is further complicated by the rash of pretenders and wannabes -- speakers that certainly qualify as heavy, immobile and ruinously expensive but fail, occasionally spectacularly, to deliver the required performance. But amongst the established, solid performers and those flattering to deceive, there are a few designs that, despite the challenges of giving them a fair listen, simply demand attention, and chief amongst them is Tidal Audio’s elusive La Assoluta. Read the review from The AudioBeat about the TIDAL Audio La Assoluta speakers here.

TIDAL Audio La Assoluta speaker.

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