Titan Grande Complication high end tonearm analog vinyl

Titan Grande Complication

Acoustical Systems Smartractor

The Titan Grande Complication 12“ – the absolute tonearm. Every possible setting/alignment on a tonearm can be set by a micrometer or Microspindle with scale. It is thus repeatable to at least 1/100 in mN/mm /gram for EVERY setting. Thus allowing a fine-tuning of cartridge performance never before available in this precision – and repeatable whenever wanted!

A true cost-no-object approach to maximize performance and adjustability of Phono tonearm to a degree and completeness never before available. The Titan Grande Complication is designed to show what is possible in tonearm design

Titan G.C. Grande Features:

  • Counterweights Tungsten HD18
  • VTA/tonearm height setting by micrometer-scale 1/1000 mm – repeatable
  • Antiskating setting by micrometer-scale 1/100 mN – repeatable
  • Dynamic tracking force by micrometer-scale 1/100 gram – repeatable
  • Static tracking force setting by micrometer-scale 1/100 gram – repeatable
  • Lateral balance setting by micrometer-scale 1/100 gram – repeatable
  • SRA setting by micro spindle– repeatable
  • Overhang setting by micro spindle– repeatable
  • Azimuth setting by micro spindle– repeatable

The Acoustical Systems Titan Grande Complication is made in Germany.

Exceptionally high levels of execution mark all Acoustical Systems products; manufacturing and finish are of the highest order, with considerable thought being devoted to materials and design. The attention to detail shows in performance, where if there is a "company sound," it is of a natural, non-fatiguing, well-integrated, highly musical presentation, yet rich with the sort of musical detail that makes listening to great audio, such a memorable experience.