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Turnbull Audio Prestige Power Cables

Turnbull Audio, Cables, High-end

Turnbull Audio Prestige Power: Though simple, power is complex with its transient current demands and resultant self-induced noise.  Different components can meet different demands, so Turnbull spent many years researching and testing solutions in various industries in addition to audio to find more universal solutions that apply across component spectrums.

Standard:  Designed to be the best universal power solution.

Source: It is designed for pristine delivery of lower current components that might not have enough mass to handle the standard power cord.

The timeless quest: Ultimate connection between musician and patron. 

Turnbull Audio combines 15 years of global award-winning technology with a lifelong passion for music and expression to create a singular audio cable that provides an exceptional listening experience. Turnbull Audio Prestige Power