Turnbull Audio Prestige Signal Cables

Turnbull Audio Prestige Signal Cables

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Turnbull Audio Prestige Signal

Analog: The Prestige Signal cables are carefully crafted for ultimate purity and signal conservation, with maximal noise elimination. They utilize new technologies and are applied in specific locations to maximize each cable build. They are available in RCA, XLR, and Phono.

Digital: The digital signal is very delicate, and careful examination of each design is required to ensure the purest signal transfer possible.  In the Turnbull manner, each cable below has been purpose-built for its task. Available as SPDIF: (RCA), AES/EBU: (XLR), Clock (BNC/BNC) 

The timeless quest: Ultimate connection between musician and patron. 

Turnbull Audio combines 15 years of global award-winning technology with a lifelong passion for music and expression to create a singular audio cable that provides an exceptional listening experience.

At the Heart of Turnbull: The constant development of materials and novel solutions underpin Turnbull Audios developmental approach to audio cabling. Continually achieving higher signal-to-noise ratios and exposing dynamism and inspiration formerly hidden in recordings.
True refinement leaves no mark. This is the defining principle of Turnbull Audio. There should be no character, fingerprint, DNA, or artifact to distinctly identify the refiner. Turnbull Audio products only bear our mark once this virtue is achieved.
Turnbull Audio Prestige Signal cable. Built on power, refined in signal, a heritage of prestige, audio cables that harness all the import of the past and future.