Vertere DG1s Turntable

Vertere DG1s Turntable

phono stages, analog

The Vertere DG1s Turntable has been in design and development for over three years. At the heart of this amazing record player is the new Motor Drive, directly derived from our Reference RG-1 Motor Drive circuit.

Decades of experience have been poured into the DG-1S to create a turntable that’s on the leading edge of high-end audio. It is positioned as one of the most accessible premium record players around.

So what’s new? Building on the sonic performance of the DG-1, they’ve boosted the sound quality without sacrificing the musicality that the DG-1 was revered for. Improvements include higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts, and improved stereo separation with greater precision.

Utilizing the exact Motor incorporated in our MG-1, SG-1 & RG-1 ‘Groove’ Players, and controlled by the unique new Motor Drive circuit, this entry level record player has performance that is second to none in its class. Combined with a super precision bearing, platter, pulley and a new exceptional design tonearm, the DG1s Turntable boasts performance that is way beyond its class.

Add to this aesthetics to die for and they have a record player which will do justice to any vinyl spun on it.

Vertere DG1s Turntable. Made in the UK.